STRUCTURE: Governors at the Royal Berkshire Hospital Foundation Trust have requested to be allowed to attend board meetings, as part of a wider move towards better communication with trust executives.

Relations between directors and governors are understood to have become strained earlier this year during a dispute between former chair Colin Maclean and chief executive Ed Donald, which led to Mr Maclean’s resignation.

Board papers released under the Freedom of Information Act to HSJ show that the board was invited to approve a motion allowing governors to attend board meetings.

The papers said: “Governors have asked, on a number of occasions, that the board

meet in public or allow governor attendance. Board members now seem more willing to allow governor attendance.”

A separate item addresses “Developing Relationships Between the Board and the Council of Governors”. It asked the board to agree to the establishment of a joint working group and to develop an action plan.

The paper said: “Core to improved communication and understanding is likely to be a greater willingness for the board to share its concerns with the council in a fuller and timelier manner.”