WORKFORCE: Royal Berkshire FT has admitted that it had “insufficient staff” to deal with activity in a review of of it’s annual plan for 2010-11.

Board papers noted: “The Trust had planned on the basis of NHS Berkshire West delivering a £10m QIPP programme. Failure to deliver this programme had resulted in the Trust having insufficient staff to address, in a planned way, the additional activity. This had increased the use of bank and agency staff.”

The review also said the trust had “consistently failed” to deliver cost improvement plans in recent years. It said: “This had been, in part, a consequence of insufficient engagement with staff and inadequate definition of savings projects. This contrasted with the approach taken to the preparation of the 2011/12 programme. It was clear that the engagement of staff at all levels, ideas to support changes and clear performance management in the delivery of projects were essential. This demonstrated the importance of the planning process commencing at an earlier stage.”