STRUCTURE: Salisbury Foundation Trust has launched a bid to be designated as a major trauma unit, in line with the implementation of the national trauma strategy.

Under the national strategy, major trauma networks will be developed which will include designated major trauma centres and second tier major trauma units.

Salisbury Foundation Trust (SFT) will be part of the Wessex Trauma Network, which has Southampton University Hospital Trust (SUHT) as its major trauma centre and aims to be functional by April 2012.

A report to the foundation trust board states: “As well as working closely with SUHT to support their Trauma Centre Development, SFT are also seeking designation as a trauma unit within the network.

“The strategic health authority have outlined the full assessment criteria for trauma unit designation which we have self-assessed ourselves against. SFT already provides a wide range of trauma services and the required specialties, skills and equipment are all in place, so there is no requirement for capital investment.”

The report adds: “There are however a number of development areas in terms of governance, data collection and training that are being addressed via the emergency department and the trust Trauma Care Delivery group.”