PERFORMANCE: Patients living in the Black Country cluster of primary care trusts are less satisfied with NHS services than in the rest of the region, an Ipsos Mori poll has revealed.

The poll is based on 2,000 telephone interviews with West Midlands residents. This includes 397 interviews with residents living in the Black Country cluster, which includes NHS Dudley, NHS Walsall, Wolverhampton City PCT and Sandwell PCT.

Those living in the Black Country were:

  • More likely than those elsewhere in the West Midlands to be dissatisfied with the overall running of the NHS (16% vs. 13%)
  • More likely to disagree that their local NHS is providing them with a good service (17% vs. 11%)
  • More likely to say the length of time it takes to get an appointment with a GP (49% vs. 38%), time spent waiting in A&E (58% vs. 53%) and services to support people at the end of their lives (50% vs. 44%) need at least a fair amount of improvement

Their overall satisfaction with the quality of hospital care was in line with that across the West Midlands (68% vs. 66%), as was their agreement that “my local NHS hospital treats patients with dignity and respect” (70% vs. 71%).