Scottish public health minister Shona Robison has said there are still “unacceptable inequalities” between different areas of Scotland, despite new figures showing life expectancy in the country has increased.

Life expectancy for baby boys born in Scotland between 2006 and 2008 is 75, while girls can expect to live to 79.9.

The statistics revealed an increase from 10 years ago when male life expectancy was 72.4 years and female life expectancy was 78.1.

The average life expectancy for people in the UK is 77.3 years for men, and 81.7 for women.

Life expectancy at birth in East Dunbartonshire is 78 years for boys born between 2006 and 2008, and 82.5 years for girls. It is the highest for any region in Scotland.

In contrast, in the Glasgow city council area, life expectancy rates for both men and women are the lowest, at 70.7 and 77.2 years respectively.

Ms Robison said: “Health in Scotland is improving but not quickly enough and unacceptable inequalities continue to blight the lives of our most deprived communities.”

Scottish men’s life expectancy is 0.8 years shorter than the EU average, while Scottish women live on average two years less than the rest of the EU.