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    A very interesting post-plan new year to all


    Pace of implementation must quicken as general election looms

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    Group claims inroads on improvements to hospital


    The East London Communities Organisation has claimed an 'important step forward' in securing better services at Newham General Hospital. Following a meeting to launch a report on the state of the hospital, it said managers had promised changes to the way food was heated and serviced in the hospital, with ...

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    A kick in the goolies for Willie, the NHS's friend


    A couple of days before the launch of the NHS plan, I was taken aside by a senior Tory MP at a leaving party for Robin Oakley, victim of a management shake-up at the NHS's perennial alter ego in the state sector, the equally loved and hated BBC.

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    Huge shake-up to keep founding aims intact


    Prime minister Tony Blair is due to unveil the government's NHS 'national plan' to the Commons this afternoon, promising a more consumer-oriented NHS 'fit for the 21st century'.

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    24-hour access pledge


    The government's newly appointed mental health 'czar' has pledged to introduce 24- hour access to mental health services by April next year and phase out mixed-sex accommodation with-in two years.

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    Sit up, take notice


    A survey of 5,000 patients at a Scottish trust shows hospital experience is often uncomfortable, unco-ordinated, lacking privacy, alienating, noisy. Pat Straw and colleagues report

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    Caught in the act


    To what extent will the Human Rights Act, which becomes law in October, increase the scope of trusts' and health authorities' liabilities? Daloni Carlisle reports

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    Aspirational cash has never been more needed


    And still the onslaught persists. The health services first month in the new century has been as turbulent as any in its history. The past week alone has seen the national press's anti-NHS lobby mount the second wave of its attack, deploying such trusty old war-horses as the continuing existence ...

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    Service framework 'needs more money'


    Four in five managers charged with implementing the national service framework for mental health are not convinced it can be done without extra money, according to a survey of health authorities and trusts.

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    Mental health shake-up after violence and drugs incidents


    Birmingham health authority has agreed to spend 350,000 reorganising mental health wards at a local psychiatric hospital after incidents of violence and drug- taking by patients.

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    in brief


    New legislation to enable hospitals to recover more effectively the treatment costs of road traffic accident victims came into effect last week. Health minister John Denham claimed it would result in a 100m a year boost to the NHS.

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    in brief


    Health secretary Frank Dobson said he had 'sympathy' with people who use accident and emergency departments as 'drop-in centres' when they are 'feeling off-colour'. He said: 'Although that use poses burdens, I believe that the NHS should provide what local people clearly want of their hospitals.' In some areas GPs ...

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    Short cuts £40m earmarked to put an end to mixed-sex wards


    The government is directing 40m of this year's 1.1bn NHS capital investment programme towards eliminating mixed-sex wards. Health secretary Frank Dobson, who described the allocation as 'the first real-terms increase in capital for the NHS in the last five years', said 95 per cent of health authorities should ...

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    In brief


    Conservative MP for New Forest East Julian Lewis has urged the government to clarify its mixed-sex wards policy in mental health units. He said that despite ministers' commitment to abolish mixed sex wards, and evidence of abuse of female patients by male patients, official guidance still advised against 'complete segregation' ...

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    CHCs' unique role gives patients a voice at grassroots level without challenging others' contribution


    Ian Semmons (Letters, 3 September) is mistaken if he believes that community health council members owe allegiance to any voluntary organisation or local authority. The virtue of CHCs is their independence, which is jealously guarded. But there is really no need for CHCs and the Patients Association to feel they ...

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    Mixed-sex wards advice is attacked


    Campaigners calling for an end to mixed-sex wards in psychiatric units have attacked advice on new builds issued by the NHS Executive.

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    Short cuts


    Unison proposes 'forums' for primary care groups

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    Campaigners win battle over mixed-sex unit


    A trust ordered to abandon plans to build a new mixed-sex unit for mentally ill patients has set up a working party to hammer out a design with single-sex facilities.

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    'Confusion' follows Dobson directive to redesign planned psychiatric unit


    Mental health campaigners accused the government last week of creating policy confusion in a row over mixed-sex wards.

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    RCP warning on psychiatric unit crowding


    Trusts are warned this week not to economise on inpatient psychiatric units by cramming too many patients into wards or by diluting the skill-mix of nursing staff.