PERFORMANCE: “Stark” responses to a staff survey have revealed worsening levels of stress at Solent Trust, and a growing sense that workers are dissatisfied with the quality of care they can give.

Board papers for March say that over the past 12 months, staff at Solent Trust have declined in their level of enthusiasm for their job, and are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of care they can give.

There is a growing feeling that senior managers do not act on feedback and that senior managers are not committed to patient care. There was also a rising level of reported work related stress and a feeling that the trust did not employ enough staff to do a job properly.

Staff comments, in addition to what the survey asked, showed that large scale restructuring and the risk of redundancy was having an impact on morale, that there was a perception that the trust was primarily focused on achieving foundation status, and a “feeling of blame culture”.

A board report said “there are some important messages for the trust in terms of trends and also the stark statements of some of our staff who have taken the time to provide their feedback.

“Of particular concern is the deterioration in scores which may be taken as proxy measures for patient safety… for each of these not only are the trust’s scores worse than other community trusts, but in each case the score has deteriorated in each successive year of the staff survey.

“Solent NHS Trust result for this metric is a notable outlier.”