PERFORMANCE: Persistent performance breaches have caused Monitor to open a formal investigation into South Warwickshire Foundation Trust.

The regulator wrote to South Warwickshire chair Graham Murrell last month to notify him of the action, and of its concerns that the trust may be in breach of its licence.

The letter said Monitor was concerned about the trust’s performance against its targets, including:

“Persistent breach of the accident and emergency target in quarter one, quarter three and quarter four of 2011-12, and quarter three and quarter four of 2012-13; and

“The trust’s inability to provide assurance that it will be able to meet the referral to treatment admitted target in quarter one 2013-14.

“Monitor is therefore concerned that the current and expected target breaches may be indicative of a breach of the Trust’s licence.”

Monitor said it would arrange a meeting with South Warwickshire Foundation Trust leaders to discuss these issues.