STRUCTURE: NHS Stoke on Trent has signed a concordat on future health planning with its local authority.

The concordat on “Healthy Urban Planning” has been developed by NHS Stoke on Trent and Stoke-on-Trent City Council to help improve health in the city by considering health related issues when planning for the future.

The document is based on a joint commitment to deliver against the World Health Organization’s Healthy Cities Status, which was achieved by Stoke in 2008. Healthy Cities Status recognises that health considerations are being built into economic, regeneration and urban development efforts.

NHS Stoke on Trent’s acting director of public health Zafar Iqbal and Stoke- on-Trent City Council leader Mohammed Pervez signed the document on 24 February.

Dr Iqbal said: “The concordat signals to local people, developers and planners the strong commitment of all partners to improving health and preventing poor health through the way that we plan, design and build for the city.”

He added:” The concordat is intended to complement the range of public health and health improvement initiatives which we run in the city to tackle cardiovascular disease, cancer and reduce levels of obesity and smoking.”

Councillor Pervez said: “The statutory planning function of the council has a great deal of influence over the quality and design of the built environment, so it is important that we work closely with health colleagues to ensure the environment is developed in a way which promotes healthy lifestyles.”