Over the last three weeks, HSJ has showcased innovative ideas in healthcare from around the world and looked at how they can apply to the NHS. Here we present the full series, plus more articles and podcasts featuring international innovators.

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International innovators

Nick Seddon: Time for the NHS to import innovation

Nick Seddon explains why the NHS needs to break the habits of the past in order boost the service’s ability to take up and spread innovation.

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Looking to Mexico for medical hotline innovation

In the first in the series on international healthcare innovators, Pedro Yrigoyen, co-founder of MedicallHome in Mexico, talks to Claire Read about the impact of technology on primary care.

A beacon of hope for coordinated care

US firm Beacon Health Strategies spots the most expensive patients and creates tailored care plans. President Tim Murphy tells Helen Mooney the NHS could benefit from the same approach.

A grand vision for Mexico’s eyecare social enterprise

Javier Okhuysen has set his sights on SalaUno becoming South America’s leading provider of low-cost, specialised eyecare.

Podcast: sustainability and innovation in healthcare

Mark Britnell and Sir Robert Naylor talk about sustainability of health systems, the emergence of the “activist payer”, integrated care and why the West needs to look east to learn about innovation.

Spanish intuition: lessons for a paperless NHS

The transition to paperless is not just possible, but clinically essential, says Vicent Moncho. Putting technology at the heart of care at his hopsital in Spain has improved efficiency and care .

How an earthquake sped up care reform

After New Zealand’s 2011 disaster, innovative healthcare models moved out of planning and into action, writes Nigel Millar.