To help clinicians spend more time on their vital work with patients, Oxford University Hospitals FT has embarked on a digital journey with ServiceNow to simplify admin tasks, streamline projects, and improve access to physical and digital resources

Quality care relies on healthcare professionals having the time and tools to do their work. Yet for staff at Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust - one of the largest NHS teaching trusts in the UK, caring for over one million patients every year - simple admin tasks were getting in the way. For example, raising a tech support query required a multistep phone call or email chain.


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Introducing a new self-service portal has empowered staff to handle more queries themselves. They can now reset passwords, access knowledge articles online, and solve tech issues proactively — saving time for staff to spend with patients and saving costs for OUHFT across the board.

Getting a complete view of projects


In addition to self-service, OUHFT can now manage operational projects via a single dashboard. Teams can now improve patient communications and enhance electronic patient records, thanks to a 360-degree view of project statuses that offers insight into budgets, resources, and the impact on patient care.

This is saving staff time and energy, and enabling them to make data-led decisions about where best to allocate resources.


For OUHFT, these innovations are the first steps of a longer transformation journey with ServiceNow. You can read more about the partnership here.