HSJ, working with Bird & Bird, is seeking to celebrate healthcare’s top innovators – the people who have found new, innovative ways of tackling the challenges facing healthcare.

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This October we will celebrate those working in the NHS and the wider healthcare sector who have taken innovative approaches that make a tangible difference to patients, their colleagues or wider society – and we are seeking your nominations.

We are looking for people who you believe have relevance in terms of meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Significance: how big was the initial challenge; how did they drive success where others have failed?
  • Impact: what effect has the person’s work had within and beyond their organisation; how widely has this innovation been shared?
  • Support: to what extent does your nominee help others to innovate?

A panel of expert judges will decide on the final list which will appear both on hsj.co.uk and in the magazine during October 2014.

You can make nominations using the form below. Please give the person’s name, job title and a brief description of why you think they are one of healthcare’s top innovators.

The closing date for nominations is 5 September.