Dr Nick Clements, head of medical services at the Medical Protection Society, discusses the use of Google Glass and other wearable technology among clinicians and how this could affect patient safety

Nick Clements

Nick Clements

What risks are there in doctors using Google Glass? by HSJ News

Surgeons trialling Google Glass in the US have used the headset to view patient data during simulated surgeries on mannequins, allowing them to access vital information in real time. The potential benefits for data protection are that the glasses could not only restrict general access to patient data, but can select what information can be viewed by a specific user.

Other potential uses that have been proposed are that surgeons could use the technology to view and consult on operations happening in other geographical locations.

In this podcast, Dr Clements discusses what safety measures and legal precautions need to be taken by NHS organisations and the GMC when using these new technologies, as well as other live streaming devices and smart phones to consult with patients.