Paul Meredith on the need to ensure that technology benefits the patient experience

The complexity and size of the NHS is what makes it unique and there are numerous challenges we face supplying technology into it.

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Over the past 70 years, since the birth of the NHS, technology as we know has evolved at an unprecedented rate and so has the UK’s largest single employer.

Technology is now the norm within the healthcare industry, and this can only be a good thing. From large IT networks to a mobile device or a simple scanner to use in a trust’s EPR system, the NHS would be unsustainable without technology.

The emphasis from us as technology specialists is to make sure that not only does it serve a purpose, but that it serves to benefit the patient experience, from the patient’s first doctor’s appointment through to a major surgical procedure, the right technology is provided and is available at every step.

This question is massive, but in short – technology and healthcare go hand in hand and this can only benefit the patient experience. Both will continue to grow, evolve and thrive.

A recent project with XMA and Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group has seen the Microsoft Surface used within the district nurse community.

Whilst out on visits they have patient information at the touch of a button, this also cuts down on admin time when back in the office as the notes can be uploaded while they are carrying out the appointments. In essence, they keep an up-to-date patient record with much more efficiency.

Technology is at the forefront of streamlining every procedure, the old school mentality of “technology creates admin” is being eradicated and the admin heavy tasks are having cost and time saving reductions due to the introduction of correct technology.

We are seeing large-scale information sharing, which is creating ground-breaking discoveries, showing patterns and trends that the healthcare industry can use to combat illness and disease.

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Paul Meredith is NHS sales manager at XMA.