31 January, 12.30pm

HSJ is hosting a Twitter chat on 31 January to discuss innovation traps and how they stop new ideas from improving the NHS.

Confession sign

The NHS must repent its innovation sins in order to improve

Recently Craig Bennett and Glyn Jones from the innovation team at Lancashire Care Foundation Trust wrote about the seven innovation sins of the NHS.

They warned that pride, sloth, lust, greed, envy, wrath and gluttony cause the “death of good ideas”.

They wrote: “Most of the time ideas just stay as ideas. Those few ideas that traverse the minefield from home to hospital, GP practice or office are soon crushed in the public sector.”

The authors suggest the NHS is a magnet for envy, wrath and gluttony. Do you agree or do you think another innovation sin creates bigger barriers for people trying to make things better?

Craig and Glyn will be on Twitter on Friday 31 January from 12.30pm to discuss the seven innovation sins and how best the NHS should “go forth, repent and be free of sin”. Join in using the hashtag #HSJchat.

Among the topics for discussion are, which sins create the NHS’s biggest barrier for progress and how best can they be “repented”? And can the NHS avoid these pitfalls?