FINANCE: Ipswich Hospital Trust does not expect to push forward with its bid for foundation trust status until the middle of the next financial year as it tries to get its finances back on track.

The trust had originally put its trust bid on hold while it waited for a visit from the Care Quality Commission, following two ‘moderate concerns’ in a previous report.

The outcome of that report was positive but in the meantime the need for the trust to focus on achieving its financial recovery plan become more obvious. “Re-engagement is therefore unlikely to be until the middle part of the next financial year,” the board was told in November.

The trust only achieved 80 per cent of its cost improvement programme savings to the end of December, and is now forecasting it will deliver £15.6m of the £16.7m planned savings in this financial year. Its year-end forecast is for breakeven but the current deficit is £7m, against a forecast of £6.5m at this stage.

The trust also failed to achieve the 95 per cent A&E standard in December.