The NHS staff survey highlights staff reaction to change – particularly when it is beyond our control.  None of us like it when change is forced upon us, nor being kept in the dark about decisions.


What can we do about it?


Here are my top tips to give yourself some control, and maximise your chances of not just surviving, but thriving.


  • Be flexible and willing to take on challenges outside your usual portfolio: build your CV and range of experience.
  • Network, network, network! Make sure you are in touch with what is happening, so that you can position yourself to take advantage of opportunities that emerge.  
  • Be proactive in seeking out information about changes that are happening – don’t wait to be told. Be curious!
  • Look positively at how you can contribute to the decision making – be part of the solution.  
  • Reframe the changes, focusing on the things that are positive for you. 
  • Take advantage of any development opportunities that are around to improve your skills for the future. Be bold and ask!
  • Show a “can do” attitude – even if you are feeling uncertain, show body language that is confident and assured.