STRUCTURE: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has become one the first hospitals in the country to set up a dedicated nurse-led clinic to care for patients who have had a minor stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA).

A TIA is caused by a temporary fall in the blood and oxygen supply to part of the brain and causes symptoms that are similar to a stroke, but do not last as long.

Based at Nottingham City Hospital, patients are seen within four weeks after their stroke by a Specialist Stroke Advanced Nurse Practitioner. They are given the opportunity to explore issues following their diagnosis in a supported environment with tailored practical lifestyle advice.

Measures are taken to reduce the risks of further TIAs or strokes including changes in medications. Patients are also signposted to appropriate services in the community.

The clinic has been nominated for the national NICE Shared Learning Award 2012.

Since being set up in May 2011 last year the clinic has treated a increasing number of patients and currently sees around 15 patients a week.

Tracey Palmer, advanced nurse practitioner at NUH, said: “The nurse-led clinic was set up to address the inequalities in support of patients following a TIA as highlighted by the National Stroke Strategy.

“The patient-centred clinic is about patients coming to terms with their diagnosis and providing practical information, empowering them to make positive changes to their lives.”