STRUCTURE: Trafford Healthcare Trust, with a turnover of £96m, has selected a takeover partner from bids submitted by two nearby foundation trusts.

It selected Central Manchester University Hospitals, with a turnover of £710m, over University Hospital of South Manchester, which has a turnover of £334m.

Salford Royal Foundation Trust had earlier dropped out of the bidding process.

In a statement Trafford Healthcare said: “The [board’s] task was to select a foundation trust that could continue to deliver safe, high-quality care in Trafford and start working with commissioners, patients, local people, GPs, hospital staff and partner organisations to develop proposals to make health services clinically and financially viable in years to come. 

“After fully involving people throughout development of these proposals, there would then be formal public consultation on any significant changes.”

Trafford is one of six trusts in the country listed as “challenged” on finance by the Department of Health.

HSJ has reported previously on the plans of commissioners in Trafford to strip large parts of their spending from the trust.

The statement said: “Joining with Central Manchester will get rid of the costs associated with Trafford Healthcare being a standalone trust.  The economies of scale that come with being a larger organisation will also enable the local NHS to make larger efficiency savings.”

Chief executive Ron Calvert is to head Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust from September.