WORKFORCE: Staff turnover at Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust has risen for three years in a row. It stood at 17.1 per cent for January.

Relocation, promotion or improving work-life balance were the three most common reasons for why staff left – where reasons were known.

The trust is especially concerned about the high numbers of people leaving after working there for less than two years. These employees made up 27.2 per cent of the trust’s workforce but accounted for 38 per cent of leavers in January.

Trust board papers said: “The upward trend in turnover seen in 2012-13 and 2013-14 has continued in 2014-15. Some staff could be persuaded to stay with the trust if a number of factors within our control are addressed – for example: career and promotional opportunities, education and training and work-life balance.”

A straw poll of other trusts in the south of England suggests all are facing an increase in staff turnover, the papers said.