PERFORMANCE: Commissioners have sent a “contract query” to University Hospitals of Leicester Trust over its stroke performance.

One of the current measures in the national stroke strategy is for patients at high risk of transient ischaemic attack to be seen within 24 hours.

The current measures for TIA at UHL remain poor and a contract query will be issued, February board minutes say. Board papers from the primary care trust NHS Leicester City state that the poor performance on TIA is down to diagnostic capacity and it is felt that “it should be easy for UHL to resolve”.

The second target, for a stroke patient to spend 90 per cent of the time on a stroke ward, was achieved in November but deteriorated in December due to the lack of
rehabilitation beds for stroke patients.

There are nine Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) targets are in place for stroke care, of which three have been met; OT assessment, weighing and swallow tests.

The number of swallow assessments undertaken in 24 hours decreased in quarter two of this year and concern has been expressed to UHL by commissioners.