WORKFORCE: Staffordshire Police has told HSJ no further action will be taken in the hunt for an NHS whistleblower who leaked information about a doctor accused of negligence.

Police officers were called in by the University Hospital of North Staffordshire last year to identify a member of staff who leaked documents to a local newspaper revealing colleagues of interventional radiologist Dr Changez Jadun had raised fears over the safety of his work

The documents included a review alleging Dr Jadun’s practice was “negligent”.

The trust had already stopped Dr Jadun from treating patients in 2010. An investigation has since cleared him of negligence but he has not returned to work at the trust due to concerns relationships between him and his colleagues was so poor it was creating a patient safety risk.

Staffordshire Police was called in to investigate the leak in October 2011 amid claims confidential patient information had been revealed, in breach of the Data Protection Act.

It was also claimed a trust computer may have been used to email information in contravention of the Misuse of Computers Act.

Detectives sought a court order against The Sentinel newspaper and against an internet service provider to try and identify the whistleblower.

But Staffordshire Police has now confirmed to HSJ the investigation had been dropped.

Peter Bate, spokesman for Staffordshire Police said the criminal investigation had been completed and no further action would be taken.

He would not comment on suggestion police had failed to identify the person responsible for leaking the original information.