I don't think we will have too much difficulty delivering this round of budget cuts.
I have the board in my pocket. 
The inspection is a formality.
Can I just say thank you in advance to all those of you who are about to fill in my 360 degree feedback questionnaire 
I think you will be very pleased with the new terms and conditions we are imposing it will certainly help many of you plan your future career. 
I think this time we have got the restructuring right but if we haven't not to worry we can always try again. 
This merger is going to be very good for my career. 
There will be some very good jobs going in the private sector for those of you who play ball. 
Yes we did get screwed on the outsourcing contract .
This time I am telling the truth, honest.
Yes I knew but it's not really cheating .
It's all my fault no one else is to blame. 
I didn't think it would work but I don't get paid for saying that.
I oversold the idea, I made commitments and promises I knew we couldn't keep but to be fair I wasn't expecting to still be in this job when I said those things.
Why wait go private.

Blair McPherson www.blairmcpherson.co.uk