FINANCE: At the end of August NHS Warrington was forecasting a “probable” deficit of £3m for the full financial year, its cluster’s latest finance report shows.

The NHS Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral report also showed a worst case deficit of £11m for the PCT in 2011-12. Best case was a surplus of £1.5m.

It pointed out that NHS Wirral had a corresponding high risk of underspend, rainging from £10m to £12m.

It added: “Discussions have taken place with the Strategic Heath Authority to obtain an additional non-recurrent adjustment to the Control Total [planned outturn] of Warrington Primary Care Trust of £2.5million.

“This consists of the return of the 0.5 per cent previously lodged and a reduction in the target surplus from £1.543million to £0.543million. This assumption has not yet been reflected in the Primary Care Trust Budget.”