STRUCTURE: The Centre for Nursing and Healthcare Research has carried out an independent analysis of public response to the Kent and Medway Acute Mental Health Services review.

The initial review, conducted by NHS Kent and Medway, took place over a 13 week period between 26 July 2012 and 26 October 2013. Respondents were asked to consider reasons for change in acute mental health service and ways to make improvements. There were 207 respondents to the survey.

The findings state: “Respondents reported better access as their main priority for acute mental health crisis care. The respondents agreed that they expected the service to have a better range of staff on call 24/7; better patient experience; modernised facilities and better quality of care from centres of excellence. However, they did not necessarily want shorter periods of stay.”

Respondents were also concerned about well-publicised travel information for hospital visits and the ways in which phone lines for emergency calls would be staffed.