PERFORMANCE: The trust met its targets for reported cases of MRSA and Clostridium difficile last year, according to its latest board report on infection control and cleanliness.

Trust director of nursing and patient safety Cathy Stone said the trust had finished the year with seven cases of MRSA against a limit of nine.

These seven included a case which had been subject to an appeal but that had been attributed to the trust.  Out of the reported seven cases, five cases were considered avoidable from root cause analysis investigations.

The board noted there had been no reports of MRSA in the last nine months at Worthing Hospital and none in the last five months at St Richard’s Hospital. The last reported case at Southlands Hospital was that which was appealed and prior to this it had not reported MRSA bacteraemia since January 2009.

For C. difficile, the trust ended the year with 125 cases against a limit of 187. However, the report highlighted that the limit for 2011-12 was 90 cases.

“The trust was one of the best performing trusts in the region with its MRSA rates,” the report added. “However, further improvements were required in the area of C. diff cases. The plan includes introduction of the antibiotic prescription audit and a continued firm focus on cleaning.”

It also said: “The board noted that during April there had been reduced take-up of infection control training. In connection with infection control, the Board discussed some outcomes from the staff survey which suggested that there were insufficient hand washing facilities.”