It is quite clear that the majority of my undoubtedly tiny readership hates what I write.

Quite comprehensive too: you dislike the subject matter ("irrelevant"), the content ("don't encourage him") and the style ("riffing the news").

So in the light of the feedback to date, I've decided to go for a vox pop on potential up and coming blogs, and will go with the readers' choice.

  • Something polemical and carping about the way that hospitals only care about their institutional health without giving a monkey's about the system as a whole or their responsibilities around improving health as well as managing sickness. This will be IP as you know her, and will piggyback on some pointless story in the HSJ and use it as a hook to have an ill-informed rant. Think One Chord Wonders, think zoo radio.

  • Something a bit more highbrow and considered about the need to ensure that we don't lose sight of the good work that NICE has done and will continue to do, acknowledging the value that NICE guidance (and indeed NSFs) has brought to the commissioning table over the years. Guaranteed no jokes (par for the course, then), no rants, and no unwarranted pops at anyone. Think Debussy, think R4 in those cerebral hours between the Archers and A Book at Bedtime.

  • Something pompous and probably pious about the future of the NHS and its value as part of underlying cultural fabric of the UK. Think Beethoven, think something very early or very late on BBC4.

Dear readers, I look forward to hearing from both of you.

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