PERFORMANCE: A project to help Wirral patients with chronic lung diseases manage their own care has won a regional award for best practice.

The partnership between Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group and the community Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Oxygen Service provided by Wirral University Teaching Hospital FT scooped a North West Respiratory Award 2012.

Judges were impressed with improvements in the quality of care and access to specialist services for patients.

The project included specialist nurses delivering sessions at GP practices to help patients previously admitted to hospital with COPD-related illnesses.

It has also seen the launch of a new Telehealth system to monitor patients’ conditions and support them in their own homes.

“COPD accounts for a high number of admissions into hospital in Wirral,” said Dr Peter Naylor, chair of Wirral Health Consortium.

“This can be significantly reduced if patients are appropriately assessed by health staff in the community when their condition is stable and when they are having problems with their breathing.”