The Care Quality Commission chief executive has told HSJ he is expecting its government funding to be cut, and will seek to protect its ‘frontline and statutory responsibilities’.

David Behan spoke about the expected funding reductions after it was revealed last week that the inspectorate had been asked to model the effects of cuts to its central government funding of 25 and 40 per cent.

David Behan

The CQC is ‘modelling’ scenarios on how to deal with cuts, David Behan said

When asked about the impact to CQC if next month’s spending review resulted in a significant funding reduction, Mr Behan said the organisation was “modelling” scenarios and would have “choices” about how to deal with any cuts.

He made the comments in an exclusive interview with HSJ ahead of the launch today of a report on its future approach to inspection.

“Twenty-five and 40 per cent – they’re big numbers. You’re not going to be able to carry on doing everything we’re doing in exactly the same way, so there’s no point me sitting here and pretending that that’s what we can do.”

He said the CQC would focus on “protecting [its] frontline and statutory responsibilities”.

When asked whether funding cuts would affect the CQC’s inspector headcount, which is due to peak in December, Mr Behan said: “I see it having some impact, I don’t necessarily see it at the moment having a huge impact. But we need to model this and look at the various options and scenarios, and we’re not at that point.”

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