On Wednesday evening the government and the British Medical Association reached an agreement on the junior doctors contract.

Below HSJ outlines the key agreements reached in the new contract to be implemented from October this year.

  1. Basic pay will increase by just over 10 per cent.
  2. Any shift which starts at or after 8pm, lasts more than eight hours and finishes at or by 10am the following day should attract an enhanced pay rate of 37 per cent.
  3. Plain time will be extended across seven days with weekend allowances added for doctors working more than one in six weekends. The maximum allowance will be 10 per cent for a doctor working one in two weekends to a minimum of 3 per cent for doctors working less than one in eight weekends.
  4. On call allowances will vary from 18 per cent for doctors working one in two weekends to 8 per cent for those working less than one in eight weekends.
  5. There will be a 46 hour rest period after the completion of three or four night shifts.
  6. Junior doctors will not be required to work more frequently than one in two weekends.
  7. Funding for additional training support to tackle issues around discrimination, which will be funded with additional money by the Department of Health from outside the pay bill. This will include access to mentorship, study leave funding and specially developed training inputs.
  8. Trainees who change their specialties due to caring responsibilities or disability will have protected pay.
  9. The safe working guardian role will report to NHS trust boards on a quarterly basis and will include data on all rota gaps on all shifts. In addition to fines previously agreed, there will also be fines on a trust where breaks are missed on 25 per cent or more of occasions, across a four week period.
  10. Flexible pay premia at a rate of £20,000 for the duration of the training period will be paid to support recruitment in emergency medicine, psychiatry and oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  11. Where a doctor works overtime employers will “appropriately compensate” the doctor, if the work is authorised by an appropriate person. This could be as an additional payment or time off in lieu.
  12. Doctors who plan to work locum shifts must offer the additional hours exclusively to the service of the NHS via an NHS staff bank.
  13. The government has agreed junior doctors should be granted whistleblowing protection from Health Education England.
  14. The parties have agreed to improve the terms and conditions of service to make it clear that where trainees have to change training path due to caring responsibilities, then their previous nodal point pay will be protected. This is the same arrangement as put in place for those changing training programme due to disability related circumstances.
  15. By March 2017 HEE will review how it deploys doctors to allow for couples to be placed near to each other and to help those with caring responsibilities.
  16. By January 2017 NHS Employers will review with the BMA approaches to good rostering practice including the use of technology.

Deal reached on junior doctors contract