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    In brief


    Blairite Ivan Lewis, Labour MP for Bury South, has been appointed to the health select committee in place of Ann Keen. Mr Lewis, 31, was chief executive of the charity Greater Manchester Jewish Social Services before his arrival at the Commons after the last election. He was also, aged 24, chair of

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    Portly bearded despot sharpens his clause


    What a week for the oldsters! In the space of a few days they were told by the boffins that they can all soon expect to live to be 130 (grim thought), yet also that some trusts may deny them access to cardiac rehabilitation programmes after a stroke or heart attack, merely because they are - wait

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    Former nurse Ann Keen


    Former nurse Ann Keen has been appointed parliamentary private secretary to health secretary Frank Dobson. The Brentford and Isleworth MP was also general secretary of the Community and District Nursing Association until her election in 1997. She succeeds Hugh Bayley, now a social security minister.

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    Bevan's babies at 50


    It was the year of the austerity Olympics in London, the first Polo mint rolled off the production line, bread was tuppence a loaf, and the NHS was born, along with 905,000 babies in the UK. Bernadette Friend tracked down some of Bevan's 1948 babies - who went on to work in the service they grew up

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    Branding those who bury their mistakes BY MICHAEL WHITE


    I did a little survey the other day and found that there are now 34 Labour doctors in the House, seven Tories and just one Liberal Democrat - Twickenham's Vince Cable. Doctors in the sense of PhDs and DPhils, of course. New Labour retains a touching Old Labour faith in higher education.

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    Calls to widen availability of cancer drug


    Doctors and MPs have urged the government to extend the availability of a drug which lengthens the life expectancy of women with ovarian cancer.

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    Always happy to give a fellow hack down on his luck a break, Monitor had been hoping to get former health minister and two-time election loser Gerry Malone into the Journal for a few shifts on the newsdesk. Happily that won't now be necessary, for Gerry has found a niche as associate editor of The