What people are saying about departing health ministers Ann Keen, Gillian Merron, Mike O’Brien and Phil Hope

Gillian Merron

on a local level. gillian merron was simply the best candidate for the job. shame for lincoln that the tory marketing campaign got through to some people. - from twitter.com

A sad day for Gillian Merron. Condolences. - from twitter.com 

I was glad to wake up today to the news that Gillion Merron has been voted out - from twitter.com 

Lincoln lost, heart goes out to Gillian Merron, good MP, only needed a 6% swingto be ousted, suppose it was inevitable - from twitter.com 

Conservatives gain Lincoln from Labour- Gillian Merron epically loses! - from twitter.com 

A shame. Hearing Public Health Minister Gillian Merron has lost her seat - from twitter.com 

Mike O’Brien

Now was that a case of crash and burn, or slash and burn? - from hsj.co.uk

Yes - looks like they’ve been named and shamed too! - from hsj.co.uk

Mike O’Brien will be sorely missed in North Warwickshire - brilliant minister and hard working constituency MP - from twitter.com

Really sorry Mike O’Brien lost his seat - a principled Labour Minister - from twitter.com

Mike O’Brien lost his seat. His commitment to equality made a change in my life once. Very sad. - from twitter.com

Just seen Mike O’Brien has lost his seat. Farewell to a familiar face at DoH. - from twitter.com

Mike o’brien was one of the most dedicated and effective mps I have ever campaigned for. He did not deserve to lose. gutted.  - from twitter.com

Great to see back of Mike O’Brien, but doesn’t make up for loss of Evan Harris - from twitter.com

Phil Hope

Phil Hope was violently opposed to extending patient choice into NHS mental health services but relentlessly pushed shallow ‘anti-stigma’ ideology… Embrace those New Horizons Phil! - from hsj.co.uk

Who will replace Phil Hope as Minister for Care? Will there even be one? - from twitter.com 

Phil hope deserves better. He’s been a fine mp. One of the best in the east midlands. People of Corby you are crazy- louise bagshawe? - from twitter.com 

Phil Hope loses in Corby. A great shame - was fantastic Care Services Minister & made hugely valuable contribution. Genuinely nice guy - from twitter.com 

Phil Hope has lost his seat. Have always found him to be a hugely positive, passionate guy and wish him well - from twitter.com 

Ann Keen

I’m sure she’ll be fine - she has plenty of time to spend all those expenses she and her husband claimed. - from nursingtimes.net 

Good riddance. - from nursingtimes.net 

My local MP Mrs Expenses Ann Keen has lost which is good; to the Tories which is bad. - from twitter.com

‘Mrs Expenses’ Ann Keen dumped by voters - from twitter.com

wht a shame that Ann Keen lost brentford & isleworth - from twitter.com

I want Ann Keen OUT. Trouble is, not sure what we’ll get in her place… - from twitter.com




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