The elderly. When we were babies they cradled us, secure in the knowledge that when their hour of need arrived we would return the favour.

Why don’t they just “Get a Grip”? Not our words – this is the name of an initiative from South Cheshire and Vale Royal CCGs who are keen to make things better for local elderly people. Quit moaning and pull yourselves together, oldsters!

It would be remiss of End Game not to point out that this unfortunately named scheme is more likely aimed at helping the elderly equip their houses with rails and suchlike.

“Grip” is also the term used to describe the robust management style commonly associated with the recently retired NHS England boss Sir David Nicholson. And we notice from his recent tweets he’s at a bit of a loose end.

“Which leaders in NHS resemble characters in game of thrones?” he mused recently, to no-one in particular. Perhaps Cheshire could be the first of the Seven Kingdoms to fall under his grip.