PCT clusters are taking shape across the country, and in South Central SHA, the country’s third largest cluster is made up of four PCTs  (Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth). It is led by Chief Executive designate, Debbie Fleming, and the executive team is now largely in place.


At the same time, GP consortia are moving ahead at varying pace, and the Pause, Listen, Reflect and Improve government consultation continues. I don’t see too much pause. What I do see is an energy and will to make the clusters work collaboratively and effectively and to keep “business as usual” and the business critical activity going.


There is a real sense of momentum here,  a sense that reform is underway and dare I say it, a light at the end of the tunnel. Staff working in the NHS have been uncertain of their futures, and the clusters are emerging with a sense of direction and action, at least for the next 22 months.


I’m interested to hear from others who are taking on learning and development functions within clusters and to hear about leadership development activities that are happening. It would be good if we could form a network to share best practice, ideas, and resources.


So if there is anyone else who has a brief to support the development of clusters, I’d like to hear from you! Perhaps there is scope for a LinkedIn group?