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Tuesday: newest first

Cons member asks Hunt how are you going todo better in being popular than you predecessor #tothepoint | #cpc12

Poulter keen to tackle macho drinking culture in army - otherwise if soldiers get into difficulty after eg afgh alc becomes a crutch #cpc12

Daniel Poulter says he’s working with Michael Gove’s team for framework on public health and education #cpc12

yes Hunt v big on tech ESP telehealth “@MMagudia: JHunt seems to be a strong supporter of #telehealth & #telecare -“#cpc12

Hunt hinting social care proposal may be to offer solution implemented over several years, would need x-party agreement.#cpc12

Every seat at my Co-ooerative public health fringe holds a packet of dried mango and a copy of HSJ. What more could you want? #cpc12

Hunt : Dilnot proposals ‘brilliant’ but also committed to exploring variations on it.#cpc12

Hunt adopts ‘5 Cs’ for social care - brave. Acknowledges thanks to ‘nursing world’ (cc @JaneMCummings ) 5 cs

Rereading Hunt speech he did have some words of support for managers, but only burnham got worse criticism than poor managers #cpc12

In short, Hunt had warm words for all groups of NHS staff - except managers#cpc12

Hunt’s asked CQC and DH how we can make sure managers are held accountable#cpc12

Hunt tells managers: don’t expect to keep job if you lose control of your care #cpc12

Hunt singled out incidents at Mid Staffs, East Surrey Hosp, winterbourne V and ash ct care home as nhs failures #cpc12

Network reception restored. A few key hunt lines to follow #cpc12

Hunt says he will hold managers responsible for the care they provide#cpc12

Hunt: lansley reforms will make NHS stronger #cpc12

Hunt thanks NHS team who delivered his daughter this spring “team nhs ” #cpc12

Hunt has some v fancy graphics preceeding him #cpc12

PM not staying for Hunt alas #cpc12

Photographers getting told off for snapping pm watching Boris speech, his face fixed with delight, not Boris himself #cpc12

Cameron just walked in to mild applause for Boris speech. Wonder if he’ll stay for Hunt #cpc12

Brum symphony hall not designed for Twitter. I can only get signal by holding phone in air #cpc12

Hunt’s on straight after Boris Johnson. Considering scenes of near Beatle-mania accompanying the London mayor, Hunt has a tough gig #cpc12

Stephen Bubb centralising tendency of DH building bureauc to prevent CCGs exercising choice. What happens when they say bugger off #cpc12

Chris hopson, FTN: we’ll struggle on to gen election making req level of savings but debate isn’t happening about period after that #cpc12

Sir stephen Bubb: voluntary sector disproportionately hit by austerity. This has hit its infrastructure #cpc12

David worskett indep providers deliver just 4.7pc of NHS care #cpc12

Sir stephen Bubb suggests new diabetes policy: less leg chopping, more dog walking #cpc12

Should be a bit more twitter action from me today - was in Chatham House events or chairing most of yesterday. Hunt’s speech 11.30. #cpc12


Monday: newest first

Judging by various sessions they’ve taken Kf (&others) message to heart on mandate. Still time to screw it up though@DrAnnaDixon | @MBirty

Jeremy : health checks are going to be important to strategy to reduce mortality from big killers

#cpc12 panel getting into heated debate on benefits of screening

#cpc12 Clare -there are at least 40definitions of integrated care

#cpc12 clap for Barbara Young’s call for purchaser provider split to be scrapped. Is it #cpc12? any Tories here?

Question comes mind how much will Jeremy bend reforms to demonstrate improvements in his 4 areas #cpc10

Barbara young covering why diabetes a model of improvements to nhs. But Jez not picking out diseases. Except dementia #no10 | #cpc10

#cpc12 Hunt also mentions quality life years re dementia. Been reading your tweets @ProfAlanMaynard?

Hunt ‘we have brilliant nurses and outstanding managers but some places where things go wrong’ #cpc12

Hunt more impressive today on importance of community care #cpc12

HSJ’s incredible @NickGolding kicks off@HealthHotel event with Jeremy Hunt at#cpc12

#cpc12 Dan poulter : keeping a watching brief on quality of east of England ambulance service

How Hunt stole the PM’s thunder | #cpc12

#cpc12 dan poulter calls for ‘open record keeping’ by docs for transparency

Niall has tied some of the big policy themes - eg data, hosp centralisation, whistleblowing - into gmc’s agenda and work

Niall : prof regulators need to promote transparency #cpc12

Niall Dixon gmc: quality and safety need to be the organising principle of the nhs. +invest in ed & training #cpc12

Patrick Cadigan rcp : members would privately agree Mid Staffs not an isolated case #cpc12

Health Hotel fringe kicking off with Dan poulter on patient safety #cpc12

Quite a lot of discussion on Andy Burnham’s local gov etc visions. Integration yes please, #redisorganisation no thanks #cpc12

More puzzling than answers on health so far at #cpc12 . What will Hunt actually do? Is he serious? Does he really know nothing about health?

Poulter urges MPs not to fight negative election campaigns v reconfiguration but to think abt care for next 10-15 years #cpc12

Poulter says Dilnot report has ‘good ingredients’ but is ‘not the most transparent solution’ to long term care#cpc12

Mike Farrar urges parties to make manifesto commitment to offer public basic medical training so they can keep relatives out of hosp #cpc12

At session on hospital closures. Daniel Poulter a lot keener to talk about health + wellbeing boards than hosp closures#cpc12

Mike Farrar warns MPs they could face electoral challenge from pro-reconfiguration docs who say current services are unsafe

Jeremy Taylor nat voices says mp struck deal wi nhs managers not to speak out on reconfiguration if they were kept informed on latest plans

New health minister daniel poulter says health + wellbeing boards offer opportunity to bring abt more out of hosp care #cpc12


Sunday (newest first)

Integration is as important as competition, says Hunt

#cpc12 Hunt :.focus on 4 areas : care quality ‘not a magic solution’; dementia (diagnosis); people with ltcs; mortality rates for big kilers

1. Quality of care. 2 dementia. 3 long term conditions 4. Mortality rates for major killer diseases

Hunt says he’ll focus on 4 key areas as health sec

Hunt : repeats surgery anecdote from Times #cpc

I can’t pretend to have mastered all the workings of the nhs - hunt #cpc12

About to hear jeremy hunt speak for first time. Stand by

#cpc12 hunt about to make first utterings… @HealthHotel

Medical director of @antonynolan praises gov efforts to promote life sciences. But says we’re still ‘missing a trick’

Alastair McLeish of MND Association urges greater access to patient data@2020health | #cpc12

Stephen Whitehead abpi: life sciences is 30% of UK r&d spend #cpc12

Jeremy Hunt due to make introductory comments at @HealthHotel reception later, can he avoid a gaffe / furore this time?

Life sciences fringe @2020health #cpc12 . George Freemantle MP talks of need for value based pricing.