InfoFlex is offering its support to the NHS as the covid-19 pandemic continues with data collection and reporting - as well as the creation of a virtual hospital, says Marc Warburton.

InfoFlex has been providing the NHS with data management systems for over 20 years. It operates by bringing together patient data so that all healthcare workers across the NHS can access up-to-date patient data easily, at one central point. It can also provide sophisticated reporting and analysis – something that is potentially highly useful for the current situation.

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Since the outbreak of covid-19, a number of their customers have approached InfoFlex to see how it can be used to support data collection and reporting to help management of the pandemic. In a matter of weeks a number of trusts have begun using the technology in a range of innovative ways.

West Hertfordshire Hospitals Trust is using InfoFlex to collect essential covid-19 data on all patients within the hospital providing an ‘on-tap’ comprehensive set of data items that can be recorded for a patient in relation to test results, co-morbidity, admissions and treatment.

Furthermore, the trust has created two specific datasets to record covid-19 and co-morbidity data which are linked to their normal admission process within the InfoFlex Admission Summary Data View. A covid Virtual Hospital has also been created to manage patients that are not admitted to the hospital in the normal manner but could be being seen through home visits or temporary accommodation set up by the health care community.

At Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust InfoFlex has been configured to alert clinicians that a patient has been tested for covid-19 and to provide them with the results of that test, allowing the clinician to take this into account when determining the patient’s treatment. This alerting has been applied to monitor covid-19 in cancer patients but it can also be applied to all patients across all clinical specialties.

Tracking for cancer patients and assessing the suitability of treatments is critically important during this time. At Gloucester Hospitals FT InfoFlex has again been utilised to indicate when a patient has been tested for covid-19 and provided with the results of the test. This, importantly, allows clinicians to take the patient’s covid-19 status into account when considering their treatment - a process that is specifically designed to further support the management of cancer patients in light of covid-19.

Marc Warburton, CEO at InfoFlex, comments, “We are eternally grateful to all the clinicians, nurses and frontline staff who are helping the nation at this critical time. Using InfoFlex to help however it can is the least we can do.”

InfoFlex is using its capabilities to support customers during this time at no extra cost. For trusts who would like to contact them regarding their capabilities to support their efforts to fight covid-19, then please contact them at or discover more at