STRUCTURE: The Derbyshire cluster has agreed that two midwife-led birthing centres should close in order to save up to £3.7m over five years.

During 2010-11, 267 out of 10,874 deliveries took place at the two stand alone midwifery-led units in Derbyshire at Corbar Birth Centre and Darley Birth Centre.  These were all low risk births but cost the local NHS considerably more than the national tariff price, board papers say.

Board members supported the de-commissioning of the Corbar and Darley midwifery-led birthing centres from 1 July 2012.

The current contract value for Darley is £374 000.  This is the financial lump sum paid to Chesterfield Royal Foundation Trust for the running costs of Darley birth centre alone. 

In a public consultation, 92 per cent of responses were against the proposal to close both of the centres.