STRUCTURE: Hinchingbrooke Health Care has appointed an interim chief executive, as it waits for ministerial sign off for its franchise deal with Circle.

Board papers revealed that the trust has failed in its attempt to appoint a permanent chief executive and chair, and the contract will now not begin before August and there is currently no expected start date. The trust has been awaiting Department of Health and Treasury sign off of the business case for deal since November 2010.

An update of the Hinchingbrooke next steps project to the trust’s May board meeting said: “As things stand we do not have that ministerial approval and so we cannot now achieve a service commencement date of 1 August.

“Everyone remains very optimistic that approval will be forthcoming but it doesn`t seem appropriate to offer up another service commencement date…”

The board paper also said: “Unfortunately it was not possible to appoint to the posts of chair or chief executive. The post of chair is now being readvertised by the Appointments Commission.”

A press release announced that interim chief executive Nigel Beverley had joined the Trust on 31st May and would be working with the trust until the start of the franchise contract.

It said: “Nigel Beverley has previous experience as an interim and provided consultancy support and leadership in health and has specific experience in major change programmes and ‘turnaround’ projects.”

Mr Beverley is a former interim chief executive of NHS Enfield and a director at NB Health Consulting.