Published: 05/08/2004, Volume II4, No. 5917 Page 8 9

Director of public health for North West region Professor John Ashton has a vision for a scene in the next Bond movie.

'Pay attention, 007.When you get into a dangerous situation wear this, ' says MI6 gadgetmaster Q, who unexpectedly presents the spy with a condom rather than a pair of flamethrower spectacles.

Professor Ashton wants to see the film and TV industry 'grow up' when it comes to sexual health.

He fears that bed-hopping secret agents are playing a part in the massive rise in levels of sexually transmitted diseases in the UK.

Last week the Health Protection Agency's annual report revealed worrying rises in complaints such as chlamydia, syphilis and genital warts.

And Professor Ashton blasted: 'In real life, James Bond, who never appears to use condoms, would almost certainly be HIV positive. He would also have picked up a string of other sexually transmitted infections and would have been more at risk from careless sex than ever he was from SPECTRE, SMERSH or Blofeld.'

He also accused the creators of TV's Big Brother of a 'new low' in British TV history when it gave viewers the impression that contestants were having sex under a table.

'There is no mention of safe sex or condoms and no obvious signs that the producers did anything to stop it or counsel the couple on the dangers.'

Endemol UK, the company behind Big Brother , said: 'Professor Ashton's remarks presupposes that sex took place between Michelle and Stuart, and ...they didn't practise safe sex.Condoms are available to housemates.'