As news about Helen McCallum's departure made headlines, another PR story was about to break.

There was nothing slick about the way the news emerged that Jonathan Street Public Relations was to lose its communications contract with London regional office.

The news was e-mailed to all communications leads in London on 25 May, but managing director Jonathan Street had yet to tell his staff.He thought the briefing, from regional director of strategy and communications Virginia Beardshaw, would go first to chief executives and that he would have time to tell his staff before the news filtered down.

On the following Tuesday, after the bank holiday, Mr Street sent an e-mail to his staff expressing his 'regret that the message was sent to comms contacts when I understood it was going only to chief execs'.He insisted that the company would 'survive and prosper'.

Mr Street says the London contract was worth about 20 per cent of the company's income.

'We have not had to sell ourselves or seek out custom - this is the first time we will have to do that, 'he says.