7 May 1948

East Anglian regional hospital board's 12 hospital management committees are to be given as much power as they say they need to run their hospitals, and in turn are to be asked to delegate authority freely to the house committees.

RHB chair Lord Cranbrook said it would be impossible for the new administration properly to take over running hospitals until many months after 5 July. HMCs could not be set up before a month or perhaps two months, and would not have had time to do anything by the appointed day. Existing house committees would have to be asked to carry on and act as contractors for the HMCs for the time being.

Both North East and North West Metropolitan RHBs have said their HMCs will not be sufficiently established on the appointed day to undertake complete administration of all their hospitals and institutions, and have requested that Hertfordshire county council should act as their agents. The council has agreed subject to satisfactory financial arrangements.