The government needs a national, cross-departmental strategy to tackle drugs, alcohol and risky sexual behaviour among young people, according to the independent advisory group on sexual health and HIV.

The group, which will publish its report Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Young People tomorrow, has called on the government to invest now to tackle the link between risky sexual behaviour and drug and alcohol misuse.

Advisory group chair Baroness Gould said: 'We applaud awareness campaigns but they are not enough. All involved should review areas that potentially encourage use of alcohol and drugs, with the associated impact on sexual activity.'

Baroness Gould also said the government should work with advertisers and broadcasters on issues like advertising alcohol to the young and sexualisation of children's toys.

She wants the new Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill to 'build a way into the debate on young people's use of drugs and alcohol and their sexual behaviour'.

'As a bare minimum, the advisory group believes schools must provide personal social and health education that helps young people negotiate today's issues. This should be a statutory requirement,' she said.