Demands to evaluate reforms. . .Call for managers' pay body. . .Warning over HAs. . .'No growth' predicted. . .Cautionary note on taxation

The royal colleges are seeking all-party support in the House of Lords for an amendment to the NHS Bill calling for a detailed evaluation of the internal market reforms in two regions over three years before their widespread introduction. Conservative peer Lord Carr told HSJ : 'A big company launching a new product performs tests before going national.'

consider NHS managers' annual pay rises, the Institute of Health Services Management says. It is concerned that managers are no longer represented since their pay was withdrawn from the Whitley Council negotiating system.Poor salaries are one reason managers do not enjoy credibility when compared to the private sector, the IHSM believes. Starting rates for graduates have not kept pace with market forces, and are affecting recruitment.

New slimline health authorities, planned under the reforms, risk being discredited if they are businessdominated and unrepresentative of their local communities, a study by Southampton University claims. It predicts that HAs will be dominated by male business executives and political appointees, but that experience shows that most business people when appointed are too busy to contribute much to the NHS.

More than one-third of HAs will not be able to develop services in the coming year, according to the National Association of Health Authorities. It found 35 per cent of English HAs have been unable to budget for any growth in 1990-91.

Ifthe government continues to fund the NHS through taxation it will find no sum of money will satisfy public expectation without creating a financial crisis, according to right-wing think-tank the Institute of Economic Affairs.