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Nursing lecture 5 December, Oxford Oxford Brookes University's school of humanities is hosting a lecture together with the UK Centre for the History of Nursing. 'The gender dilemma in nursing history: the case of the South African mine hospitals' is given by Professor Shula Marks of London University's School of Oriental and African Studies.

Details: Lucy Davies, 01865-484858.

Musculoskeletal disease 6 December, Birmingham 'Next step for primary care prescribing in musculoskeletal disease' is an evening meeting in association with the NHS Executive's West Midland postgraduate general practice education programme.

Details: Edwina Watt, 01638-751515.

Infection control 6-7 December, London The International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene and the Public Health Laboratory Service in association with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are holding a global meeting of experts in the field of hygiene focussing entirely on the home.

'Preventing infectious intestinal disease in the domestic setting: a shared responsibility' will offer discussions on: is the 'superbug' a reality? and is being 'too clean' affecting our natural immunity?

Details: Lizz Fort, 020-7950 2897.

Business and finance 8 December, Manchester A session on 'Business and financial issues', part of the development programme for consultants on practical management skills, is organised by the Manchester Centre for Healthcare Management.

Details: Linda Ingle, 0161-275 2911.

Children's mental health 8 December, London Focus at the Royal College of Psychiatrists' research unit is organising a conference for nurses who care for children and adolescents with mental health problems. Its title is 'Practice and potential in child and adolescent mental health.'

Details: Catherine Ayres, 020-7227 0822 Human Rights Act 8 December, Birmingham A Nexus conference on 'The Human Rights Act and the NHS' is designed for directors and managers in both primary and secondary care settings who need a practical guide and introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998 and the implications it will have on the day-to-day running of their organisation.

Details: Roslyn Wheeler, 01926-854455.

Treating mental illness 8 December, London 'A question of choice: people's view of treatments used in mental illness' is a National Schizophrenia Fellowship conference which marks the launch of the results of the biggest survey carried out into the views of treatment options of those who use services in mental health.

Details: Dee McLaughlin, 020-8547 9202.

Clinical networks 12 December, Kilmarnock The Institute of Healthcare Management in Scotland is holding an early evening presentation on 'Managed clinical networks' with a progress report by Dr Harry Burns, director of public health at Greater Glasgow health board.

Details: Ulla Carlsen, 01292-262697.