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Clinical governance

13-15 April, Bournemouth

17-21 May, 8-10 June, north of England

A series of Healthcare Quality Quest courses - three-day, five-day and three-day (advanced), respectively - designed to help those involved in carrying out new roles to implement clinical governance.

Details: Christine Allam,



14 April, London

A BJHC conference entitled 'Planning, building and developing telemedicine to achieve seamless care'. Topics include improving access to care.

Details: Nick Worner


Education needs for PCGs

21 April, Staffordshire University

A regional conference sponsored by NMET on 'Meeting the education and training needs of primary care groups', intended for PCG board members and those responsible for delivering education and training for all disciplines in primary care.

Details: Jackie Redhead


Health promotion

21-23 April, Swansea

The seventh international conference of health-promoting hospitals, an international network set up by the World Health Organisation, will look at health promotion and quality: challenges and opportunities for health- promoting hospitals.

Details: Christina Dietscher,


Emergency planning

26-27 April, University of Essex

'Partnership' is an Eastern Regional Emergency Forum and Emergency Planning Society workshop.

Details: Thames Management Services, 01245-349108.

Change in Europe

26-27 April, Brussels

A seminar entitled 'Time for change in Europe' looking at the future of EU-funded public health programmes relevant both to local authority and health services.

Details: Barbara Croft,

0121-414 7058.

Workplace violence

26-27 April, Loughborough University

Loughborough University's centre for hazard and risk management's course on 'Assessing workplace violence' will focus on practical ways of identifying the risk of workplace violence and applying violence reduction measures.

Details: Joyce Bostock,


Palliative care

28 April, Winchester

A working conference entitled 'Palliative care: the outcomes question' to develop practical and user-friendly outcome measures for frontline multiprofessional palliative care practitioners, purchasers and users of palliative care.

Details: Nicky Gibbons,


Young people in prison

5 May, London

A conference organised by the Institute of Psychiatry and the prison service entitled 'Improving healthcare for young people in prison: working together with the NHS'. Plenary sessions followed by workshops will bring together examples of good practice, research and partnerships with community services.

Details: Lee Wilding,

0171-919 3170.