Published: 26/05/2005, Volume II5, No. 5957 Page 22

Colin Beacock, policy adviser, RCN Policy Unit

The Royal College of Nursing has published a parallel survey to the Healthcare Commission's review of foundation trusts, expected soon (Comment, page 3, 12 May).

Our survey reflects the views of activists and representatives involved in the first wave of foundations and based upon their use of our RCN scorecard, which helps determine our level of support for individual applications.

While recognising that few of the first wave have utilised their extended freedoms to any great degree, our survey highlights continuing concerns:

. confusion about the role and potential role of the board of governors;

. levels of commitment to partnership working;

. potential effects of increased freedoms on local and national healthcare workforce;

. effects of increased freedoms upon relationships and communications with wider health and social care economies.

Go to www. rcn. org. uk for details of the survey and recommendations for future action.