To all General Practitioners.

To all General Practitioners.

I am a resident of Maghull town in Merseyside. And on behalf of a group of residents who live in my area. I would like to invite from you a response to the following,

Our Town Councillors, and our local Primary Care Trust have informed us, no General Practitioners are interested in moving to our area or investing in new or established GP surgeries in this area.

As residents of the area we are at a loss to understand this and therefore we have resorted to this open letter.

Maghull actually consists of two villages one is Maghull the other is Lydiate. The area is on the border with Lancashire, the seaside resort of Southport is only 20 minutes drive away. You can reach Wales in less than 1.5 hours by decent roads.

We have excellent road, rail and air communications such as the M6 the M62, the M54, Liverpool and Manchester airports to anywhere in the country, Europe or the World, London by train via Virgin railroads operating from Lime street station all this within 60 minutes drive from my front door.

Presently our house prices are comparable to anywhere else ranging from the£1 million downward to under£150,00. If you enjoy water sports, hill climbing, mountain climbing or any other outdoor sports, we are in a convenient spot for accessing any of these from the Welsh mountains, the Lake District or the Cumbria hills.

The town has world class Golf courses such as Royal Birkdale, less than 15 miles away and at least five Metropolitan golf courses and over half a dozen private golf clubs in the area. If you enjoy leisurely floating down rivers or canals we have the Liverpool to Leeds canal running through the middle of our town with good local boat clubs, and moorings.

Our local Primary and secondary schools are excellent with good all round exam results and we have three universities in the area. We also have a number of nationally renowned schools such as The Merchant Tailors Schools and other Private schools all within easy driving distance.

We are not by any stretch of the imagination an area of deprivation; the local economy is affluent with most people having considerably more disposable income than areas down South.

We are presently attracting some numbers of retired couples that find the locale, amenities and people an attractive proposition for their old age retirement needs.

As a group we would welcome any input we can get from those of you who own their current practices, those who would like to, or those who simply would not entertain the idea of living and working in such an area. I am sure that many of you are aware that we fall under the catchment area of Sefton Primary Care Trust and that Sefton does have some of the most deprived areas in the country.

There are areas of London that are deprived but you would not class Westminster or Chelsea as deprived would you.

Sefton catchment is quite large geographically but the area is made up of several very different areas some deprived but others like Southport, Formby, Ainsdale and Maghull known locally to be affluent and growing.

Please send us your comments freely and honestly so we as residents can at least know why there are problems, what the problems may be, and if there is anything that can be done to change those problems.