More than 10,000 hospital patients died last year from blood clots because the NHS has failed to implement recommendations on deep vein thrombosis, say MPs.

An all-party parliamentary thrombosis group report said over 10,700 hospital patients died in 2006-07 because trusts have not implemented government guidelines on avoiding DVT in hospitals.

The survey found 99 per cent of trusts admitted to full awareness of the recommendations on DVT but only 32 per cent are taking steps to risk assess patients and bring their practices in line.

DVT causes one in 10 UK hospital deaths each year and 52 per cent of hospitalised patients risk developing DVT because of inactivity.

Group chair John Smith (Labour) said: 'It is worrying that some NHS trusts are still failing to adhere to these guidelines, which could reduce deaths by 40 per cent. How long will it take for NHS trusts to start acting on this guidance and start saving lives?'