Published: 31/01/2002, Volume II2, No. 5790 Page 5

One in five NHS chief executives quit last year despite average pay rises of 5.3 per cent, according to a survey by Incomes Data Services.The median salary for chief executives, excluding primary care trusts, was£84,500 in the year to March 2001, with 54 earning above£100,000.

The Boardroom Pay Report . IDS,£170. 020-7250 3434.

Doctors with research and teaching contracts have little time for the academic side of their work due to the heavy pressure of NHS clinical work, according to the British Medical Association.Over 600 academics responded to the survey which found that, on average, clinical work takes up 40 per cent of their time, with 10 per cent on emergency clinical care,35 per cent on research and just 15 per cent on teaching.

www. bma. org. uk

Elderly people living at home are twice as likely to eat fruit and red meat six times a week than those living in care homes, the 2000 Health Survey for England reveals.A higher proportion of people in care homes were underweight, compared with people of equivalent age living at home.

www. doh. gov. uk/ public/summary. htm

The Department of Health has announced a£7.4m package to finance 15 projects examining the health effects of mobile phones.The projects will study a range of factors, including the effects on blood pressure and hearing, the potential risks of cancers, and how radio signals interact with body and brain function.

www. mthr. org. uk

The performance and development of local health groups across Wales are to be reviewed by District Audit.Starting with Gwent LHG, auditors will examine four key areas of their work: corporate management, clinical governance, commissioning and the integration of primary care and community service.