A clinical governance audit tool, based on 20 key indicators, has been developed by SGS. The audit model can be used either to develop existing quality management systems or as a stand-alone 'gap analysis' tool. Based on the ISO 9000 framework, the model has been piloted in an NHS community hospital, a private hospital and an ambulance trust.

NEON, formerly Microscript, has provided an integrated IT solution to United Bristol Healthcare trust, allowing information-sharing across nine sites. The system allows integration of clinical audit systems and patient records, facilitating moves towards electronic patient records. Information is shared over a secure network and the system allows the trust to develop its strategy of using standard Microsoft technology.

GP evaluation of a device for detecting heart arrhythmias in primary care suggests that it could cut referrals to cardiologists by up to two thirds. The C.Net2000 is worn by the patient for 24 hours and when returned is connected to a DeskJet printer, allowing a summary to be printed in minutes. It allows GPs to detect abnormalities requiring referral, as opposed to minor palpitations.

Agresso Ltd has been awarded a managed-service contract worth£1m by East Kent Hospitals trust to provide an integrated financial and human resources system.